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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Graphic Novel Design, Speedpainting & Shop Update!

Unfortunately I don't have much polish to show off this week.

I've been busy on design work for a graphic novel/comic sort of idea that's been stewing around for ages. It'll gradually bleed into the blog and my website as I progress, but I've never tried a big personal project like this before outside of university so bear with me as I work out all the teething pains.

Child figure drawing practice
I started out with some figure drawing practice to get me into child proportions. I knew from the start my protagonist was going to be a little girl around 8-10 years old but I tried to keep everything diverse and broad. Thanks Flickr!

Wood cabin early design sheet
Then I progressed to some cabin doodles. Architecture and buildings have never been my strong point, and this project isn't exactly brimming with them. I'm stepping out of so many comfort zones at the moment I thought I'd take this particular one at baby steps.

I went over a couple of drafts, and I still have a couple of bits that don't sit well with me and that will need some reimagining. It's so nice to tell stories again, even if it's just to myself at the moment. 

Next steps? Lots and lots of design work. I'm aiming to make up a first draft storyboard in half term. I day job at a college so I'll have a whole week to devote to it...more or less. 

In other news, I added some giclee prints to my Etsy shop. They include the limited edition 'Divide' print, as well as the last of the first run of terrarium prints. 

New giclee prints available in my Etsy shop

And here's my weekly speedpaint!

Digital speedpainting of a fox in a valley with aurora


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