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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Character design for the light pollution comic

I may not have had the time to post last weekend but don't think I haven't been hard at work!

Progress is rolling along with the light pollution comic. I'm taking a steady pace and making sure that I've fine tuned the story, design and style before I really push ahead with it. I've got quite a distinct image of what I want in my head, so the more energy I spend trying to get to that point the better, right? 

Here's a collection of character development art from the past week ~

Watercolour and pencil doodles of style and colour combinations.

Developing the look of my protagonist with ink and pencil, and a brother character that has since been dropped. I might re-purpose the design for a background character, I loved drawing that fluffy cloud of hair!

Developing a spirit-fox character. I was looking at a lot of Beth Cavener's sculptures for inspiration, aiming for a wind-carved, sleek sort of look. This is a mix of pencil, ink, marker pen and watercolour overlays. 

More finalised designs for the protagonist. Top middle are mixed markers, with the other being a combination of ink, marker and watercolour overlay. I'm not sure about the combinations of yellow, white and overlay, but I think I'm going to lose the yellow hood in favor of the bottom middle design. Still some work to do here. 

I'm really happy with how the overlays have turned out. And actually how well the galaxy painting as a whole went. As I was painting I felt like it wasn't working and started to question the whole idea of overlaying the watercolour galaxies over characters and clothes. But I was so happy with how it dried. See! Don't give up hope!

So where am I going from here?

  • The protagonist needs a little bit more tweaking regarding her block colours. 

  • The fox needs a little more designing. The idea is that in moonlight/darkness it takes on star-spattered galaxy colours, but under man-made light it becomes sketchy, withered and generally pretty scary. 

  • Get down the secondary characters - a hare, various birds, deer, a badger, fish, frogs, and a few human characters including a young couple and mother with children. 

  • Location development! I need to design the protagonist's home, maybe map up her journey so that it makes real sense in my head, and a couple of other locations.

  • A test panel, so I know exactly the style I'm going for and how long the entire process takes so I can schedule everything in properly. 

  • And then I'll be ready to storyboard and steam ahead~ 

Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think of the designs. Are there any that jump out at you that I might have overlooked or dismissed?


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