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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Meet the Artist

I noticed the #meettheartist hashtag rolling around Twitter (remarkable, really, considering how little I use Twitter at the moment) and thought I'd give it a shot.

Self-portraits are something I've always struggled with. I think I read and watch and play so much character-driven stuff, and create so many characters for narrative projects, that I sometimes lose track of who I am. I used to find that concerning, but now I figure that it's a by product of the character creating process. I'm alright with that if it means I can make characters with all the depth and humanity that I'd otherwise be putting into myself.

Colour pencil & digital, 'Meet the Artist' infographic

I could have gone into so much detail with the specifics of animals, books, plants and documentaries that I like, but I wanted to keep it as brief of an overview as possible.

And, just to mention, I don't hate chimpanzees. Not really. I'm more scared of them than anything. Their near-humanness is terrifying. Saying that, I don't have a problem with gorillas or orangutans. It's just chimps... Urgh...


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