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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

A mixed media kind of week

Owing to a particularly belligerent creative block last week, this post comes to you a few days late. However, that means that I've got more work to share!

I managed to squeeze out a speedpaint, although it's more of a speedsketch..

Sketchbook, colour pencil and graphite

Working in clay and three-dimensional form as a desperate move to get my brain co-operating with me turned out to be a good move. I think I overwhelmed myself with my to-do list and so my muse turned stubborn and refused to get on-board.

Air dry clay. From left to right: Crow, hedgehog, axolotl & fox

I'm not in any hurry to paint this little critters, so don't expect to see them any time soon. Though I do have about two thirds of a pack of air dry clay to get through that I've haphazardly sealed until I get some bright ideas. Don't want that to go to waste..

It actually worked incredibly well for lifting the art block, and so I managed to get round to some thumbnails for a commission I'm working on..

Dragon in the woods thumbnail sketches

And a piece of concept art for the unnamed graphic novel about light pollution that I'm working on..

Mixed media illustration on A4 Bristol board

I still have to work out the designs a bit more and get a fluid style going, but it was super satisfying to get some kind of expression of this idea out in colour and with a bit of polish.

Things are looking up!


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