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Sunday, 28 August 2016

The Pokemon revival

I know everyone is shooting out Pokemon related stuff because of the recent (and probably, by now, waning?) success of Pokemon Go. And the new 3DS games due out in November. 
While a lot of people have used Go as a gateway back into those games, I've been a constant resident of the bandwagon since childhood. I mean I've bought at least one of every generation of games. Don't get me wrong, I don't go all in with merchandising and the cartoon and all that jazz. I like the games, and even then not at all in a competitive way. I love the whole exploring and discovering aspect of them more than anything else. Call me childish, call me a nerd, but I find it fun and relaxing. 
So I wanted to do some Pokemon art. It was a choice between bashing out 'new' interpretations of Pokemon, illustrating one each and working my way through the fifty thousand or however many there are now, or drawing multiples of each using their real-life counterparts to create different breeds (sort of like the Alolan versions in Sun & Moon).
Bulbasaur family, digital painting

Charmander family, digital pixel art

Squirtle family, digital watercolour

It's been great fun so far, if a little tiresome at times. 
I've take new artistic approaches with each one, and I'm still intending on fiddling with the presentation which is super dull right now, I know. So you've got the 'Saurs based on breeds of toad mixed with bulbed flowers, the Char's based on different types of dragon mixed with culturally appropriate salamanders, and the Squirtle family designed with fresh-water turtles combined with weapons. And a hose pipe for funsies.
Each group is a different style as well - there's a cell-shaded sort of style, pixel art (which I worked too big with so you can barely tell, lesson learnt for the future!), and digital watercolour. 
PS. Fanart is something I intend to expand on in the next year, so get ready for that (whether you like it or not). 


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