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Friday, 15 July 2016

Felting Fridays - the Pigeon!

Over the last few weeks I've acquired enough wool to build my own life-size rainbow-coloured sheep, so I put it to some use and had a little needle felting session. 

Here's the little rock dove I made for my boyfriend. If you can't tell already from the content of this blog, I've got a bit of an obsession with pigeons. Well, birds in general, but I have so much time and love for these little urban birdies. 

Needlefelted pigeon, merino wool, string and wire. 

Part of me wants to make a whole series of different coloured pigeons. I definitely want to make more birds and refine how I do beaks and claws. I've seen a few needlefelting tutorials but I just don't work in that clean, methodical and planned way that most people seem to in this medium. When I sculpt I'm messy and on the fly. If I try to plan it always ends up frustrating me, but if I just lose myself in the process and go with instinct I get much better results, I think. 

Expect to see lots more felting and sculpture stuff!


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