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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Pet portraits and a new vulture painting

Bear with me, it's been a while.
The market has been keeping me really busy, along with looking for a new place to live, working at college and picking up a slew of commissions. I'm not complaining, I love it, it's great to be busy doing what you love. 
First off, I finished off a new watercolour piece.
It's an A3 piece, so the biggest watercolour painting I've ever done and definitely the most adventurous. There's no particular story behind it, I just love kick-ass hunter girls and vultures. There's a vague theme of the positive, cyclical nature of life and death, new life and whatnot, and I definitely wanted to make vultures look a lot more benevolent than you'll typically see them in media and artwork.

Girl & vultures, A3, watercolour painting

This piece is available as a giclee print in both A3 and A4 size, which you can find in my Etsy shop
Next up, I've started doing pet portraits for the Christmas season and potentially beyond. I'm still sort of sending out feelers to judge how popular these will actually be but I've already got a couple of orders so it's looking positive. You can find them in my shop too. 

What else? I've been working on a couple of new needlefelt pieces which I'll post soon. I've got some new business cards made up and I've started doing hand-painted gift tags and building up concept art for a project next year.
 My hyperactive creativity is constantly popping with new projects and things I want to make, so it's just a matter of pacing myself and forcing some discipline.
I'm pretty darn happy at the moment which is really nice and special considering it's getting darker and colder. I usually get sucked under by winter depression by now but keeping myself busy and focusing on starting a new chapter with Ian is keeping my head high. 


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