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Monday, 10 October 2016

New studio & market residency

I've got a new studio space on the first floor of Co-Lab in Broadmead, Bristol! This is my first attempt at selling my work outside of private commissions for clients as the space opens up as a market twice a week. I'm here with a handful of other great, more experienced artists, so I'm picking up tips as I go and improving my space and techniques every day.

To be honest, above everything it's really important to me just to have a space of my own to work in. As I'm hopping between two houses without a permanent residence at the moment it's been a case of dragging bagfuls of work from one space to another. In one house I have a lovely desk space in front a big window surrounded by plants and a brand new PC, but it's miles from everything. In the other I have...well, a sofa? And a dining table with no privacy. Regardless of how much I sell it's so great to have a space that is just mine to be productive in.
And I'm in front of the biggest window I've ever seen, which is perfect for me! Nothing motivates like natural light.
The market is open every Saturday and Wednesday between 11AM and 4PM until January. If you're nearby then please do drop in, even if it's just to browse or chat. I'll be opening up commissions if you'd prefer personalized work, if not I've got prints of my terrariums, the plankton piece, and most of my needlefelt work is up for sale too.


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