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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Christmas Gift Tags & 2017 Art Plans

I'm out of my market/studio space next week and into a new flat by January so the next few weeks will be quiet as I relocate everything and set up my new space to work from home.

My art to-do list for personal projects in 2017 currently consists of:

  •  development for Terminal (my graphic novel project)
  •  gallons of original prints/fanart (I want to start selling at local conventions and markets)
  •  little clay animal sculptures (I blame my instagram feed for over-inspiration)
  •  needlefelting plants/succulents (with custom clay pots, so cute)

I've also got a few zine ideas running around in my head that I want to get up and out at some point. I want to get stickers printed for promotional material and just some cute designs to sell on my Etsy (which I plan to use a lot more to 'build my brand').

 I'll also be really pushing myself to build my freelance portfolio and expand my client base in that regard. Gonna whoop that self-doubt!

Anyway, you came here for pretty art!

Gouache paints on large gift tags, assortment of designs

Gouache paints on mini gift tags, assortment of designs

These are a series of gift tags I made for the market. They sold pretty well but weren't exactly time-cost-effective. They're all hand painted in gouache and were a joy to make...which really just tells me I love gouache and need to paint some original pieces with it more.

I've still got a bunch of these if anyone wants them for next Christmas, give me a shout~


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