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Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Phew, it's been a while!
Fear not, I've been incredibly busy. I've been doing a lot of work away from scanners and tablets, as well as setting up different projects and getting settled into my day job. 
Here's a little something I started a month or so ago. After I inked it I spent a lot of time looking at it wondering what I could do with it. I thought about using it as Adobe Illustrator practice, but I think exploring software will have to wait 'cause I'm on a good hand-drawing spree.
Zooplankton illustration, A4, ink and digital

I was originally inspired by watching the documentary 'Racing Extinction', and the song 'Manta Ray' by J. Ralph and Anohni, both of which I heartily recommend. I also wanted to draw a big plethora of different beautiful things as development from the cut-out water fowl piece I did earlier this year. It's a really fun and therapeutic way to work. 
Plankton/zooplankton are just incredible, fascinating, other worldly things and no piece of art can really do them justice.
I've also got a limited edition giclee print of this available if anyone is interested. 


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